A Poem

That’s My Star


I suddenly recognize what’s been there all along.


I remember glimpsing it during times of Clarity.


And am I now brave enough to claim what’s mine? Tentatively, I send out a lasso, a thin gossamer tentril that simply floats away. But now my attention is on capturing that star, my star. The lasso becomes string, then cord, then finally a mighty rope. And I too have become bolder, aggressive, confident. There’s no timidity now in aiming for my goal, my star.

At last, I am connected. Hope and strength and courage flow through the line as I joyfully grip the idea that this is truly my star!


I tug, anxious to reel it in, but it doesn’t budge. I try again, and again, straining every fiber of my being. I want to bring that star to me—it is mine. But I struggle in vain.


Finally, limply, I slump, the line loose in my hands. What to do? What to do? Tears of frustration glide down my cheeks and drop, sparkling onto the rope.


Then, no more tears, no feelings, no thoughts. Just silence. And again, I feel the connection. I feel the strength and joy flowing through the line, through my hands, through my being. And enmeshed within the feelings is the single command, “Come.”


I breathe deeply and grasp the rope. I pray for strength. It is a long way. But I am not afraid. I am guided and protected. I begin my journey, back to my very own source of light. My star. Home.


Some years ago, I was introduced to Spiritual Writing. In the introductory class, I worked with two other women. We would go within and then give ourselves permission to write in what I call "stream of conscioussness". What came forth was often surprising and many times enlightening. Here are two of the writings:

Spirit Writing


They are built a day at a time. It is being in the moment with your beloved. It is paying attention. It’s a sharing of energies with endless patterns, endless pleasures, endless learning . . . never a dull moment!  There is always something new, if you let it be. Allow it.


Pay attention to the moments. You have a choice. Each moment there is a choice. Go with the flow. The flow is unconditional love, smooth, unruffled; a current swift and sure. Ride it and be not deterred. There is much freedom in unconditional love. No judgement. Just love. Understanding. Kindness. Mercy. Forgiveness. No need for action, repercussions. Unconditional love is clear eyes, bright and warm. It is the words that soothe and comfort. That inspire. Feel it in your heart. It is there—everywhere! Connecting all.  Just listen. You will hear it. Softly at first, then as an unmistakable impulse to do, be. Just go with it. Your choice matters. Each one must choose. And it is all good, all the time.