Jackielight grew up in Norwalk, California, living a quiet life. She studied dance and sociology in college, but never finished because she wanted to experience life!  She followed her first love to Chicago, married and raised a family of six (three boys, three girls), homeschooling them in their younger years.

Jackie has always loved music, singing and dancing. And she has always loved New Thought spirituality teachings. She grew up attending the Religious Science Church and Unity Church of Christianity, and currently follows the teachings of Abraham-Hicks.


As a child and through her pre-teen years, she attended Unity of Compton. Before every service, there was a half-hour sing-a-long when the congregation would spontaneously choose a song from a little songbook, the pianist would play the intro, and everyone would sing! These songs and the simple joy in the singing have always stayed with her. Around 2006, she put the love of song and spirituality together and wrote Stand in the Truth, a rambunctious reminder to know the Truth, regardless of external circumstances. More songs came regularly after that, some in pieces, others all at once. She performed some of them in church and began voice lessons. Then, through serendipity, she met a producer and began the process of creating an album, which was the impetus to create this website!


Throughout her life, she has loved to write children’s stories as well as observations on life and Spirit. She was introduced to Spiritual Writing, which she also shares here. She has continually strived to deepen her understanding of spirituality and that led her to the study of chakras, finding out her predominant chakra was the third eye. The color for this chakra is PURPLE (her favorite color) and the archetype is artist. Never before considering herself as an artist, this revelation opened the door to consider a life of creativity in the form of music, writing, and fun stuff!


As an artist—someone who creates—Jackielight enjoys flowing with new ideas and expressing the inner spirituality that continues to grow and transform.